Conisborough Education Committee – Milk Rations – Denaby School Alteration – Immunisation

January 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 11, 1935

Milk Rations
Conisborough Education Committees Query
Denaby School Alteration

Further information on the provision of subsidiary nourishment for schoolchildren during the holidays was forthcoming at the monthly meeting of the Conisborough Education Subcommittee yesterday. Mr Harry Gomersall presided

the clerk (Mr D. H. Jones) reported that he had ascertain that the arrangements made by the county authority were that before the schools concerned close each child is certified to receive milk free should be given a book containing a number of vouchers, with instructions to attend at a certain school daily at a fixed time. The milk contractor would be in attendance there for 15 minutes, and hand a bottle of milk to each child in return for a voucher. Two classrooms could be set aside for the distribution of the mill, which must be consumed on the premises

The Clerk added that the contractor would not supply milk to any but certified children

The Rev W.J.T.Pascoe: That is very satisfactory

Mr Ben Roberts asked if teachers and head teachers were aware that they need not wait for the doctor to certify that a child needed subsidiary nourishment. If they thought it was necessary they could grant the milk subject to the confirmation of the medical officer

The Clerk: I have already notified them about this

The Chairman asked if the procedure mention would apply to any holidays, and the Clerk said it would

The Clerk also mentioned that you raise the question of teachers attending. Before the teachers did anything this will have to be discussed by the N.U.T.


Mr Pascoe asked for information on the subject of immunisation against diphtheria

The Chairman said that in the Conisborough urban district they had started in a small way. Happily the number of cases of diphtheria notified had decreased. He thought they had only three cases last month. The Council action did not imply inauguration of immunisation in a general way embracing the schools. They were tackling the job in a smaller way, but if they had an epidemic they had the machinery ready.

Denaby School Alterations

Mr Ben Roberts gave a report on a meeting between a deputation from the subcommittee and representatives of the County Council at the Denaby Main School last month, to discuss projected alterations. He stated that the county representative had made a favourable report

It was decided to recommend that provision be made in the scheme for a caretaker’s house

A committee consisting of Mrs Wright and Messrs Gomersall and Pascoe was appointed to visit the school with a view to ascertaining what repairs and renovations are necessary

It was decided to recommend that Mr J.L.Huck, a temporary teacher on the staff of the Conisborough Middle School, be appointed to vacancy on the permanent staff

Applications for the use of the Large Hall Denaby on March 1 for the St John Ambulance Brigade dance and on March 15 for the St Patrick’s Ball were granted.