Conisborough Education Subcommittee – The New School Site.

July 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times, 13 July 1907

Conisborough Education Subcommittee
The New School Site.

Mr J. Brocklesby J. P., presided at the monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon. Others present were Mr W. H. Chambers, Mr W. J. Ward, Mr S. O. Urch, Mr E. Brookes  and the Rev. W. A. Strawbridge; with the Divisional Clerk, Mr W. R. Hudson; and the attendance officer, Mr W. Marfield.

The Clerk reported on the staffing of the Denaby main mixed school, and asked the subcommittee to recommend the appointment of an additional certificated teacher. – This was agreed to.

It was decided to congratulate the head teacher at the station road mixed,, the Denaby main mixed, and the old Denaby schools, and the satisfactory percentage of attendance. The attendance returns showed the following figures: Conisborough : Morley Place B 94.4 %; Morley Place G. 93.83; Morley Place L. 75.80; Station Road M. 91.61: Temporary  M. 87.4: Denby Main M. 90.12; Denaby Main L. 74.84; Denaby O.E M. 92.45; average percentage 88.45.

The committee heard with pleasure of the success of John H. Brocklesby in the recent preliminary certificate examinations, and that he had passed with distinction in English language and literature, elementary science, and geography. – the clerk was instructed to convey congratulations.

The committee had before them several medical certificates, which they considered unsatisfactory, and they decided to invite the county council’s medical officer to investigate the cases of certain irregularly attending children.

A communication was received from Wakefield have in relation to the proposed new school site in which it was stated that the vendor must provide a permanent right of access to the site. – The subcommittee were generally of opinion, however, that the undertaking of the colliery company to give rights to access to the venders for educational purposes was quite sufficient, and ought to be accepted – the clerk was instructed to write to the education department to that effect.