Conisborough F.C. – A Coming Club

August 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 14, 1896

Conisborough F.C. – A Coming Club

Talking of coming clubs brings me to Conisborough. In my first season I was not aware there was a club at Conisborough. But in 1894- 95 it made itself heard with no uncertain sound by winning the South Yorkshire league in smashing fashion.

Last season they improved on this performance by annexing the Rotherham Charity Cup, although by relying on their second team in the South Yorkshire league engagements they lost the Cup, which went with the Championship of the League. Last season they also made a bid for the Minor Cup, but although they got into the competition proper their performance was not a flattering one.

However, such honours as Conisborough has gained they have thoroughly deserved, and they are a lot of rare good tryers, thoroughly enthusiastic, and full of grit. In minor club football they are safe to make their mark, and with the developing of Cadeby Main colliery, and the consequent growth of Conisborough, the day when they are numbered among the senior clubs of the district should not be distant. Their advance during the last two years is an unfailing sign that they are on the upgrade, and no one can say when their limit of prosperity will be reached.