Conisborough Farmer Summoned – The Muzzling Order

August 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 23 1895

A Conisborough Farmer Summoned.

George Bill Pashley, farmer, Conisborough, was summoned for allowing his dog to be at large without a muzzle at Conisborough on the 30th of July – P.S. Ambler spoke to finding the defendants dog running about without a muzzle and to speaking to defendant’s servant on the matter.

In reply to Mr. Raddiley, witness said the place was public

P.C. Hurst, corroborated

Mr Baddiley, for the defence, said the place was a lonely one and there was no one about.

The Muzzling Order.

Robert Lord, farm labourer, Conisborough, was charged with being the owner of an on muzzle dog at Conisborough on the 30th July, and further with not procuring a licence for his dog on the same date.

P.S. Ambler said he saw the defendant’s black fox terrier at large without a muzzle.

P.C. Hurst, corroborated

In defence, defendant said the dog was not his property, as it belonged to the man who previously occupied his house, but who had now left. The dog came back off its own accord. In corroboration, he called Geo. Booth Pashley, the defendant in the last case. The dog was not the defendant’s property.

Fined 10s. and costs