Conisborough Fatality – Extraordinary Circumstances in Boy’s Death.

August 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 29 August 1931

Conisborough Fatality.

Extraordinary Circumstances in Boy’s Death.

An inquest will be held at Conisborough, to-day, into the extraordinary circumstances of the death of Sidney Harry Eary (14), of 43, Ivanhoe Road, Conisborough, who died shortly after receiving a broken neck at the Godfrey Walker Convalescent Home, Conisborough.

Eary worked at the Cadeby Colliery, and his father had given him lift when driving a lorry to deliver hampers at the Convalescent Home. On arrival outside, the boy jumped from the lorry to open the gates door of the hospital for his father drive into the yard. After the latter had driven about 15 yards he stopped and heard his son shout Oh, dad!” He then saw his son getting up; he ran about five yards, and then was seen fall again.

The boy was picked in an unconscious condition, and died shortly afterwards.

A later medical examination discovered his neck had been broken. It was suggested that when he jumped from the lorry he must have received the fatal injury.