Conisborough Feast

July 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 7.

The Feast.

On Sunday, the first after St Peter’s day, the time-honoured feast was held in Conisborough.

A few seasonal remarks were given by the vicar in the parish church on Sunday morning from the words, “And it was now the feast of the dedication.”

He showed how in the early times these feasts were really holy days and expressed a hope that nothing would take place during the week unbecoming the Christian character.

For Monday and Tuesday, Mr G. Smith of the Station Hotel gave entertainments in the field near the station; live music, with various sports for children of all ages, were provided and all appeared to pass off well.

The blue ribbon party went by an excursion to Cleethorpes on Monday.

The Church Sunday scholars with the teachers and friends made their usual visit to Roche Abbey on Wednesday.

Report of cricket match will be found elsewhere.