Conisborough Fire Brigade

February 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 February 1931

Conisborough Fire Brigade

Conisborough was more amused than annoyed at Councillor Hamilton’s remark at the Mexborough Council meeting that it was high time that we made provision to look after Conisborough lives.

Conisborough, a  long time ago made adequate provision and continues to make provision as and when necessary. We have at present a scheme for modernising our Fire brigade system, but we have such an adequate supply of water, available at any point in the area, that a fire engine is not a necessity.

It is obvious that a place the size of Conisborough cannot have a fire brigade always standing by. but there is never any undue delay in turning out the brigade. Only at the last Council meeting a letter of appreciation at the promptitude of the brigade was received from the Doncaster Co-operative Society with regard to their fire a week or two ago. With regard to the fire at Denaby, I am informed that the brigade was at work within seven minutes of call.

A pleasing feature is the camaraderie between members of local brigades, and it is wise to assure that the members will always be ready to go to the aid of whoever wants it. There certainly should be some definite understanding, but it is unnecessary for Conisborough to have a retainer on the brigade.

Why not a conference of the Fire Brigade Committees of the area, to formulate a definite scheme of co-operation. One feels quite certain that were Conisborough men asked to aid at a Mexborough fire they would be willing, even ware there no agreement.