Conisborough Fire Brigade – Presentation of Long Service Medals

March 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 3, 1917

Conisborough Fire Brigade
Presentation of Long Service Medals

An interesting ceremony, namely, the presentation of long service medals to 5 members of the Conisborough Fire Brigade, took place at the Fire Station, Waverly Avenue on Thursday evening.

Mr RJ Clarkson, (captain), had issued invitations to the members of the Parish Council to be present. The members of the Fire Brigade in attendance were: RJ Clarkson (captain), TW Downing (Sgt), G Walker (Sgt), E Gregory, J Smith, F Townsley, E Belk and H Ogilvy.

Mr a G Gurney has joined the Royal Flying Core, and Mr C Ledger was unavoidably absent. The recipients of the medals were Sgt G.W.Downing and Sgt G Walker, who each received a silver medal for 20 years service; and E Gregory, J Smith and F Townsley each received a bronze medal for 10 years service. The medals were inscribed: “National Fire Brigade Union, Long Service Medal.”

Mr Caleb Kilner, who presented the medals, said he was pleased to take part in any function relating to the workingmen. His aim was to do justice to all, and he sincerely believed “right” will bring “peace” at the end. Some years ago he had the honour of presenting a shield to the Fire Brigade which they had won in an open competition.

He also remembered the valuable services rendered by the brigade at the Wesleyan Chapel fire, when the sacred edifice appeared to be doomed. Mr WH Jones was then the superintendent of the Fire Brigade, and he was highly commended by the trustees at a supper afterwards elder in recognition of the worthy efforts of the cholera Fire Brigade.

Mr Kilner, in handing the medals to each recipient, added a few encouraging words to each man, and concluded, said he should be pleased to help the Fire Brigade whenever he possibly could do so.

Sgt TW Downing, in moving a vote of thanks to Mr Kilner, recalled many interesting reminiscences of his own services as a soldier and also as a fireman, and place the long service medal on his breast by the side of a South African medal.

Council Wells said he had lived in or near Conisborough for 40 years, and was proud to acknowledge Mr Kilner as an honourable, just and upright gentlemen, who, he felt sure was loved and respected by the people in Conisborough.