Conisborough Fire Brigade.

January 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 16 January 1909

Conisborough Fire Brigade.

That the Conisborough Fire Brigade is appreciated in the “Castle” village was evidenced last night at a dinner held in its honour at the Fox Inn, Conisborough.

Members of the Parish Council, including Mr. W. W. Norwood (chairman), who presided, spoke as to the valuable services of the brigade, Mr. Norwood remarking that the Council would always do its best to supply the brigade with the necessary appliances, so long as the men, under the leadership of Captain Jones, retained their present state of efficiency.

The occasion that produced this unanimous, testimony was the recent fire at Messrs. Braim and Cooper’s fat refining works at Conisborough. The services of the brigade at that fire were so much appreciated by the firm that donation was made, the sum received being spent in the happy and convivial meeting last night.