Conisborough Flower Show

August 1885

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 21, 1885

Conisborough Flower Show

The sixth annual exhibition of flowers, fruit, vegetable farm produce connection with Conisborough horticultural and Cottage Goddess Society was held yesterday afternoon in the grounds adjoining the Dale, Conisborough.

The exhibition was announced to be opened by Mr J Blyth, president of the society.

The arrangements were carried out by the following members of the society: Mr C Searle, Mr WH Smith, Mrs J Hawksworth and Mr G Hargreaves and the following committee: Messrs W Little, A Crowther, T.Fern, T.Stacey, J Meggitt, H Booth, H Guest, H Marshall, J Watkinson, T Shutt, W Bonnett, G Watkin and J Hardy.

Upwards of £30 was given in prizes. The exhibition of yesterday was a marked improvement on the last year’s show, and the committee of management are deserving of commendation for the manner in which the arrangements were carried out.

Mr WG Little, Maj Johnson, Mrs J Blyth and Mr TH Simpson kindly forwarded a large number of foliage plants for decoration, which were displayed in the centre of the marquee.

Among the plan sent for decoration were two magnificent specimens of African tuberroses and an indiarubber, plant sent by Maj Johnson. The exhibits in both the amateur and cottagers classes were excellent taking into consideration the unfavourably dry season.

The judges were Mr WB Eden, Ravenfield and Mr C Parkinson, Rotherham.

The Conisborough brass band performed a selection of music during the day and a programme of sports was arranged.