Conisborough Fog Tragedy

January 1911

Leeds Mercury – Monday 23 January 1911

Conisborough Fog Tragedy

The circumstances of a tragedy were disclosed at Conisbrough on Saturday evening, when Mr. Frank Allen (Deputy Coroner for the Doncaster district), held an inquest upon Mr. Charles Quest, aged 30 years, farmer and carting contractor, of Ferry Farm, Conisborough.

The evidence showed that Thursday Mr. Quest, who was one of the best-known men in Conisbrough, transacted some business with Mr. W. W. Norwood, whom met by appointment at the Castle Inn and then left.

Later he called at an off-beerhouse and got two bottles of stout, which said were for his wife. He then left for home, having told his father he would be in early, and have an hour or two with him.

It was densely foggy night, and instead turning to the left, he had walked into the river Don and was drowned near the sawmill wheel.

His body was found next day by Mr T R Booth, proprietor of the sawmill. The bottles of stout were still in his pocket.

The Coroner said they all knew Charlie Quest, and he was sure they all sympathise with his wife and family.

The jury returned verdict of ” Accidental death.” A Juryman expressed the opinion that the river ought to be fenced in at this point, the Coroner suggested the Parish Council should take the matter up.

It was stated, however, that at that spot the road was a private one.