Conisborough Football Club Shirts – Curious Charge of Theft

May 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 04 May 1909

Conisborough Football Club Shirts

Curious Charge of Theft

The disappearance of the shirts, etc., belonging to the Conisborough United Football Club, from the trainer’s house, led to Edward Neale, collier, being charged with larceny, Doncaster, yesterday.

George Cass, the secretary of the club, said the shirts were purchased by subscription, and left in the care of the trainer, Arthur Hague.

Defendant was formerly a member of the club, and had been a follower and supporter during the last season. On Saturday he went to Hague’s house, and said had come for the football clothes for a match in the afternoon. He said he was on the committee, and it would be all right if Mrs. Hague would give them to him. She did so, and afterwards told the landlord of the Alma Inn, who was the club treasurer, that he had got them. He told her his name was Tomlinson.

Defendant afterwards left the articles at the club house, where they had been previously kept, and Mr. Baddiley submitted that there was no evidence of felonious intention. In defence defendant said was a subscriber to the club, and helped to buy the football shirts. He helped to fetch the goalposts and other things from the field to the Alma Inn, and he went for the shirts in order that they might be washed and put away until next season. He said many of the members did not know Hague was appointed trainer.