Conisborough Football Club – South Yorkshire League Champions

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 10, 1895

Conisborough Football Club

On Saturday week,  the members of the Conisborough Football Club indulged in a little justifiable jollification to commemorate the fact that on the first occasion of a Cup being given for the South Yorkshire League championship, they succeeded in carrying off the trophy. After presentation of the cup at Mexborough by Mr A Long, the secretary and virtual founder of the League, the cup was escorted to Conisborough by wagonette, where a number of the players and their supporters accompanied by a band were waiting at the Station Hotel.

With the captain W Kelly, carrying the very handsome trophy on high and the band playing “The conquering hero,” a march was made for the clubhouse, the Eagle and Child, a halt being made midway at the vicarage, where the president of the club, the Rev G.H.stock, congratulated the players and the club on their success.

At the clubhouse the cup was filled, and the remainder of the evening spent in an enjoyable manner. Last Saturday the exuberance of Conisborough football was broke out again, the players with the trophy won by them and accompanied by the band again parading the village.

In the evening a “smoker” was held at the Eagle and Child, when the club room was crowded.

W Kelly, captain presided. The principal item of the evening’s programme was the presentation of medals to the players. The captain performed the ceremony, and in handing each player his medals thanked them for the manner in which that stuck together during the season and for the spirit in which they had played. The captains own medal was handed to him by the Hon Sec of the club Mr JJ Rhodes, and as each presentation took place long and hearty cheers were indulged in by the company.

The following programme of music etc was performed:
song and dance, W Humphreys;
song “the convict,” J Halton;
song “Rock in the cradle of the deep,” E keys
song, “my sweetheart when a boy,”P Humphreys;
song “schoolmates, close quote JJ Rhodes;
song, “Tom bowling,” G Briggs
song “The ship that carried me home,” B Mee
song, “over the sea,” W Garfield;
concertina solo, W Crookes;
comic song, “Molly Riley,” B Mee
song “The church bells,” T Linley,
Messrs Lee and H Kelly accompanied the songs.