Conisborough Funeral Society

June 1882

Mexborough, Swinton Times, June 16

Conisborough Funeral Society.

The yearly meeting of the local Funeral society has been held in the house of Mr H Smith, the Eagle and Child Inn.

Mr S T Simpson, treasurer was in the chair and Mr G Lewis in the vice-chair.

The society was established in 1828 and the committee’s report for the past year read thus:

“We think you will find the years’ work more satisfactory when you look over the account, considering the very many deaths that have taken place during the year, and there being a balance in hand of £46 7s 9d. The number of members on the books at this date is 250.”

There had been paid, since the society was begun £6950 for 695 deaths and the total collections had been 416. The toast of the health of the treasurer, Mr J Hill, collecting agent and of the committee of management was drunk, and Mr Hill following Mr Simpson in returning thanks, gave useful advice to the members, and urged them to uphold their society in face of all opposition.

Mr Lee replied for the rest of the officers.