Conisborough Gambler’s Comment

December 1925

Mexborough & Swinton Times December 18, 1925

Conisborough Gambler’s Comment

Osric Gascoyne, George Hinchcliffe and William H Green, miners of Conisborough, were summoned at Doncaster on Tuesday for gambling at Conisborough on November 29.

Gascoyne admitted the offence and the other two denied it.

PC Thompson said he saw the three men taking part with about 20 other men who scattered on his approach.

Hinchcliffe said he was in bed, and that the police had a grudge against him, and were “blackguarding his name up and down the district.” Green said he was out for a walk, had just gone to speak to Gascoyne in passing when the policeman saw him.

Gascoyne had 20 previous conviction, some for similar offences; a fight for the convictions and Green had been convicted on occasion for assault. Both Gascoyne and Hinchcliffe were under recognisances.

Gascoyne was sent to prison for 28 days, Hinchcliffe was fined £2 and Green £1.

The chairman (Mr Hinchliffe) % did not seem to do Gascoyne any good, so they were going to see what prison would do.

Gascoyne: Thank you sir. It will do me a world of good

Later Gascoyne was charged with being drunk and disorderly on December 13, having accepted the service of the summons in court. The Bench committed him for seven days, to run concurrently with the other sentence.