Conisborough Handicap of 1880.

June 1955

South Yorkshire Times, June 4th, 1955

Conisborough Handicap of 1880.

Proof that Conisbronians were keen on sport in the 19th century has come to us in the shape of an old 135 yards handicap card.

The card, kindly loaned us by Mr. W. Crowcroft, of 40, Park Road, Conisborough, whose father used to run the handicaps, advertises a ‘Novice Handicap, to be run on Saturday, May 1st, 1880,’ on the Hyde Park Grounds, Conisborough. The prizes were: 1st £4, 2nd 15s. And 3rd 5s.

Printed by the ‘Times,’ Mexborough, the card gives the names of those taking part in the heats, one of the names being that of ‘Daft Briggs’ of Castleford, and another ‘Old Buck’ of Denaby.