Conisborough Hospital Board – Nurse down with Scarlet Fever

July 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 10, 1915

Conisborough Hospital board
Nurse down with scarlet fever

The monthly meeting of the Conisborough isolation Hospital board was held yesterday (Thursday). Mr J. Golding (vice chairman) presided, and there were also present Messrs. T. Allen, W. H. Appleyard; C. Ward, Drury, Elliott, and Simpson.

Doctor. McClure, in his report, stated that at the end of May there were in the hospital 46 patients under treatment, of these there were 35 scarlet fever, 8 enteric fever, and 3 diphtheris patients.

18 patients were discharged, convalescent, and three died – one from scarlet fever, one from diphtheria , and the other from measles – during the month.

At the end of June there were in hospital 46 patients.

The report was adopted.

The matron of the hospital reported that two probation nurses came on a month child during the month of June. One of then contracted scarlet fever and had to be isolated.

Precepts were issued to the following authorities for the amount stated
Doncaster Rural District Council, patients in hospital 16,864 days, £946 9s, 10d.:
Mexborough Urban District Council, 6,321 days, £316, 18s. 2d.:
Thurnscoe urban district council, 246 days £12 5s 8d.;
Bentley with Arkley urban district council, 2617 days, £13, 4s. 1d.

The Clerk stated that this worked out, on the average, at just over 1s a day per patient, last year the average was just under the shilling. Amongst other things, the increased average was due to the increase in the price of floor staff and various committees.