Conisborough Husbands Cruelty

February 1927

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 25, 1927

Conisborough Husbands Cruelty

For having neglected his children, a Conisborough man, William H. Timmings, labourer, was sent to prison for a month by the Doncaster magistrates on Saturday.

He was also summoned by his wife, Eleanor Timmings, for persistent cruelty, and was ordered to pay her 25s a week.

Eleanor Timmings said they were married in 1909, and there were four children, ages seven, five, 2 ½ years, and nine months. On February 4 last he accused her of immorality, although there was no truth in the accusation, and struck her, and she left him the following night.

The eldest child was living with his sister, and the other three were all lying ill in the Doncaster union infirmary. She had previously had a maintenance order for 35s a week, but went back to live with him. Since she left him he had paid her nothing.