Conisborough Isolation Hospital – Nurses To Leave On Marriage

July 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 26 1935

Conisborough Isolation Hospital.
Nurses To Leave On Marriage.

In future women members of the staff at the Conisborough Isolation Hospital will have to leave on marriage. This was decided at the monthly meeting of the Hospital Board on Wednesday.

The Clerk (Mr. R. Bowers) reported upon an interview with an official of the local Government Superannuation Committee. The officials explained that an employee who was required to retire on marriage was entitled to the amount of her contributions with compound interest. Where there was no regulation requiring departure on marriage the payments were returned without interest.
Mr. Bowers said that the finances of the Board would not be affected. The money came out of the Superannuation Fund.

The Clerk reported that the Ministry of Health had written that of ideas for the proposed extension to the hospital were out before the Ministry their officials would give every assistance.
The report of the medical superintendent showed that there were 58 patients during the month, 37 scarlet fever and 18 diphtheria. Sixty-eight patients were discharged, 48 scarlet fever and 20 diphtheria. At the end of the month there were 72 patients, 50 scarlet fever and 21 diphtheria.

With regard to the proposed extensions, Dr. Maclure said it was necessary that a new kitchen unit should be built first, furnished with all the amenities adequate to any future extensions.
The Board are to hold a special meeting to discuss the appointment of as architect.