Conisborough Lodger Loses his Watch

February 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 February 1911

Conisborough Lodger Loses his Watch

Albert Schofield, miner, of no fixed abode, was all smiles as he stood in the dock. He was charged with stealing a watch, value half a sovereign, the property of John Henry Blondell, miner, of 3 Marr Street, New Conisboro´, on February 6th. Blondell, who swore to tell “the holy truth”, said he was a lodger at the address given, and on February 2nd the prisoner came to Lodge there too. On February 6th, about five o’clock in the afternoon, he left his metal watch on the mantelpiece, prisoner being present, but when he returned from his walk both the watch and prisoner had, “done a bunk”. He had not seen Schofield since.

William Carroll, a pawnbroker’s assistant, residing at 7 Cemetery Road, Hemsworth, spoke to the prisoner pledging the watch in a shop early on the morning of February 7th. He advanced him 18d (7 ½ p) Prisoner gave the name of “John Smith, Doncaster.”

PC Grimshaw, who apprehended Schofield at York barracks, said he made no reply to the charge, but on the way to the station he admitted the theft, and told him where he had pledged the watch.

Schofield, who appeared to be very contrite, said it was his first offence.

Superintendent Hickes stated that while at Conisboro´, the man was a deserter from the Army. He had been handed over to the West riding police by the military authorities.

The chairman said the military authorities will probably punish him too. He was fined 10 shillings inclusive, or seven days.