Conisborough Man goes to Pasteur for Treatment

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 17, 1895

A Conisborough Man’s Visit to Paris

Mr John Glasby, who was recently bitten by a dog, is progressing favourably.

His recent visit to Paris and the treatment received at the hands of M Pasteur has done him much benefit, and he wishes to publicly thank his numerous friends for the kindness received at their hands by no liberally subscribing to the fund of the committee of his fellow workmen that took his case in hand.

He Is now going on as favourably as can be expected towards recovery.

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 31, 1895

The man John Glasby, who was recently bitten by a savage or mad dog and went to Paris to undergo the Pasteur treatment is cured, it is hoped.

Whilst in Paris he got a good look at the chief object of interest in the city, and admits that the French people are the essence of politeness.

His expenses, which amount to £13 7 shillings, and been paid for by a committee undertook to raise subscriptions to cover the cost. After doing this committee are in the fortunate position of having six Guineas left in hand.
They intent banking the amount in the name of three or four members of the committee for future use for a similar object, should it unfortunately occur.