Conisborough Man sent to Prison – Three Months for Stealing a Bicycle

February 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 10, 1906

Conisborough Man sent to Prison

At Wakefield, last Friday, Charles Williams, Sawyer, Conisborough, was brought up in custody on a charge of stealing a bicycle, value £8 15s, the property of William Patrick, cycle deal, Castleford.

On Monday afternoon prosecutor dispatched to bicycles by train to a tradesman at Normanton, and they were taken out of the train and place on the platform. Prisoner came in by train from Wakefield, took one of the bicycles, went up to the ticket collector, and presented his railway ticket. The latter, however, asked for a ticket for the bicycle or payment of carriage and prisoner handed him sixpence and was allowed to leave.

Soon after the porter who had received the bicycle missed it, and the prisoner was afterwards arrested on coming out of a public house, the bicycle being afterwards found in the backyard.

Prisoner, who pleaded that he had been drinking for a week, was sent to jail for three months of labour.