Conisborough Man’s Penchant for Apples

November 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 3, 1906

Conisborough Man’s Penchant for Apples

Fred Hemsworth, miner, of Conisborough, had two charges preferred against him, the complainant in each case being Mr Winter Nicholson, of Conisborough, who was represented by Mr F. Allen, Doncaster.

From the evidence of PC Thompson, it was seen that shortly after noon on October 16 he was on duty near Lorne Grove, Conisborough and saw the defendant, who had an allotment there, endevouring to shake apples from trees grown by complainant. After having been thus occupied for some time defendant threw away a rake which he had been holding, and walked about among the potatoes.

He had summoned complainant’s groom to the spot, and the latter the corroberated his evidence, at the same time re-marking that his master’s allotments had suffered considerable damage from time to time. He assessed the damage to the potatoes at 1/-

Defendant pleaded that that was his first conviction, and that he had no intention of doing any harm.

The bench imposed a fine of 5/-with costs for the theft of 10/6 costs, for the charge of damage 7/6, and the amount of damage 1/–