Conisborough Man’s Suicide on Allotment.

October 1929

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 10 October 1929

Conisborough Man’s Suicide on Allotment.

“It is quite clear that the question of cancer had got on his mind, and decided to take his life,” said the Doncaster District Coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile) returning verdict of whilst unsound mind,” at Conisborough, yesterday, on Alfred Dawson, 9. Don View, Conisborough, who was found his throat cut on his allotment, on Monday night.

Giving evidence, his wife said that her husband suffered from indigestion. A week ago the pain increased, and he seemed to become obsessed with the idea that he was suffering from cancer.

He had seen a number of people from the disease, and she thought it had prayed on his mind.

He set out to feed his fowls on the allotment, and as he did not return she thought he had gone to his daughter home.

At 8.30 at night his son, William Dawson, found him on the allotment with his throat cut and a bloodstained razor his side.