Conisborough Neighbours at Variance

January 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 21, 1898

Conisborough Neighbours at Variance

Joseph Shufferbottom, dataller, Conisborough, was charged with assaulting Maria Grainger at that place on 11 January.

Maria Grainger said that between four and 5 o’clock on the day named she was standing near her neighbour’s door. They heard a row in the house, and the landlady asked her to see what it was. She stepped inside to look, when the defendants  threw a plate at her, which just missed her face. The defendant then dragged her into the house by the hair of her head and then assaulted her. She had had to go to doctors in consequence of the treatment. The defendant was not sober. They had quarrelled before and he had assaulted her. That was about five months ago.

Jane Bevans said she was present and corroborated the last witness’s evidence.

Mary Waring said the defendant lodged with her, and in answer to a question from the chairman as to the defendant’s character, she said he was all right when not in beer. He had asked her to ask the Bench to be lenient as they possibly could.

Fined 30 shillings including costs.