Conisborough News – Slaughtered Pigs – Gas Failure – Water & Lamps

October 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 7 October 1932

Conisborough News – Slaughtered Pigs – Gas Failure – Water & Lamps

Slaughtered Pigs

The meat inspector (Mr. W. W. Norwood) has given instructions that no pig slaughtered on an allotment can he carried through the streets unless covered by a sheet. The inspector also comments that the outside market looks much cleaner, but there is still a large quantity of bricks lying about.

Gas Failure.

Owing to water ending its way into the mains of the Conisborough Gas Company there was a breakdown in the area between Conisborough and Denaby last week-end. Much water was pumped out of the mains and several patches of road were dug up to trace the source of trouble. The main portion of Conisborough was not affected, nor was any portion of Denaby served by the Denaby Gas Company, where only once during the last thirty years, and that during a great flood, has the supply failed.


During September we consumed 81 million gallons of water, an average per head per day of 91.9 gallons : and 210.000 gallons were used for industrial purposes. In that month 303 animals intended for human consumption were inspected and all were of good quality except one.

Two additional street lamps are to be erected on Doncaster Road in the vicinity of the Cliffs. The Postmaster is to be asked to provide a pillar-box, with a Sunday collection somewhere between Lowfield and the level crossing at Denaby.

It is intended to close the Denaby Memorial Park at 5 p.m. or one hour after sunset, whichever is earlier, from October 1st to April 1st and the lamps will not be lighted.