Conisborough News – Water and Infantile Mortality

January 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 11, 1935

Conisborough Water

During December we used 9,960,000 gallons of water, on average of 30.9 per person per day based on 9000 consumers. Sanitary conversions to the number of 72 were completed in December and are in use in West Street, March street, Silverwood View, School Terrace, and Park Road.

Infantile Mortality

During the quarter ended Dec. 31st there were 11 deaths of children under one year, a rate of 130.9 per thousand births, the highest here for a long time and one which compares very badly with that for the great towns, which was 51.4

During the last quarter there were 35 male and 49 female births, giving a rate of 17.9.