Conisborough News – Weighing Machines – Conveniences – Congratulations

October 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 14 October 1932

Conisborough News – Weighing Machines – Public Conveniences – Congratulations

Councils are generally regarded as squander maniacs, so it is interesting to learn of one which is trying to make money. Our is ready to grant permission for slotmeter weighing machines to be installed in parks, baths, and public conveniences at a rental of £2 per annum. Let ’em all come!

One gathers that there is no hope at present of an improved Park Road, although the Council decided that a scheme be got out. Apparently the project is too cosily even in its amended form, and it is to go, with other development schemes, to a committee appointed to determine necessity and priority.

It is expected that work will shortly commence on the modernising of Conisborough’s public conveniences and the erection of others.

Conisborough will congratulate two of its former residents on their successes at the Mexborough Musical Festival last week. Mrs. Boyes (formerly Miss Ethel Dove) obtained first in the soprano class and Airs. Parr (formerly Miss Alice Wells) was placed second in the contralto class, whilst together they were second in the soprano and contralto duet class. Miss Joyce Banks, who is only ten years old, took first place in the girls’ treble solo class. She is the daughter of the secretary-manager of the Denaby Welfare Institute