Conisborough Notes – Cadeby Pit Death – Wedding – Infants School

August 1905

Conisborough Notes.

Cadeby Pit Death

A most lamentable accident occurred at the Cadeby pit on Thursday week, whereby a young man, about 34 years of age, named George Webster, lost his life.

The facts in connection with the sad event are detailed on page 12.

At the inquest, on the motion of the foreman, the jury passed a vote of condolence with the widow and family of the deceased. The funeral took place on Sunday, amidst many manifestations of sorrow.

The Church Sunday school loses an earnest and cheerful teacher, and the church a faithful and consistent members. The funeral service was impressively conducted by the vicar.


The wedding, which took place on Monday morning at the Wesleyan Chapel, cause quite a “ stir” at the top end of Conisborough. Miss M. A. Plastow was the bride, and Mr.F. Gunthorpe the bridegroom, and as both the parties are well known and most highway respected, great interest was taken in the service, which was performed by the Rev J. Shephard. The bride was given away by her father.

After the wedding a reception was held at the house of the bride’s parents. Honeymoon will be spent in Edinburgh.

Denaby Main Infants School

A Sheffield contemporary, in an article on the Denaby Main Infants School, dealing with the lack of seeating accommodation, asks ;

“What are the managers and the locals subcommittee doing?” And then proceeds to exonerate the former from any negligence, and with perfect justice. Our local committee are not to blame in the matter either. They neither ordered the removal of the galleries, nor have they had any hand whatever in any delay in supplying desks. The position is a most regrettable one indeed, the more so because the real sufferers are the little mites, who have nowhere to sit whilst imbibing at the fount of knowledge.

Bits and Bobs

Conisborough had a fair number of visitors on Bank Holiday, though it ignored the fixture as far as its works and schools are concerned.

The minister’s house on the Station Road is nearing completion, and looks remarkably well.

Farmers are complaining loudly of the number of trespassers in their pasture fields on mushroom gathering bent. Their chief complaining is that fences are damaged.