Conisborough Notes – Choir Trip – Infant School Treat – Sunday School Excursion

August 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 23 1895

Conisborough Notes

Choir Trip

Last Saturday afternoon the gentleman belonging to the parish church choir at their annual summer drive. Blyth was the place selected, and a most enjoyable drive it is to get there by way of Tickhill and Oldcoates.

An excellent meal was provided at the Red Hart Hotel by Hostess Clark, to which full justice was done. The drive home was by way of Bawtry and Doncaster. The conveyances were provided by Mr. Williams of the Star Hotel. The weather was beautifully fine and the party thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Infant School Treat.

On Tuesday afternoon the children under nine years of age, numbering nearly 200, were entertained in the Priory grounds by Mr. Godfrey Walker. The children assembled in the schoolroom at 3.30 and at 3.45 marched in procession to the grounds. Mrs. Crookes, the housekeeper, provided an excellent tea, the youngsters really enjoyed.

After tea games, races, &c, were indulged in, as well several scrambles for sweets and nuts. After giving three hearty cheers for Mr. Walker, the vicar and Mrs. Stock, Mrs Crookes and Mr. White, the children were dispersed to their respective homes, being well satisfied with their generous entertainment.

Sermons were preached in the parish church on Sunday on behalf of the church Sunday school. The vicar was the morning preacher, and the rev. J. Crawford occupied the pulpit in the evening. The collections throughout the day realised £2 15s., which is about £2 less than last year, which will have to be made up. As the scholars increase so much the expenses in connection with the school likewise increase. Mr. George Hill kindly officiated as treasurer to the school excursion, and to him and Mrs. Greathead for selling the railway tickets the thanks all are due.

Sunday School Excursion

On Thursday week, the adult children attending the parish church Sunday School had their annual summer excursion. Several places were named, including Skegness and Roche Abbey, but it was finally decided that the Queen of watering places on the Lincolnshire coast should be visited, as it is such a safe place for children.

The scholars assembled in the schoolroom at 6.15 (many arriving soon after 5.30), where all their names were called over and checked by Mr. Fred Hill, the secretary. From the school the children marched in session to the station. The train left soon after 7 am for Cleethorpes, which was reached about 9.30. The vicar and Mrs. Stock, as well as several friends and parents accompanied the party. The train left Cleethorpes at 6.55 pm, all having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Tea was provided for the teachers and dollars in the Victoria restaurant by Mr. Dorose of Grimsby. All the railway arrangements were made by Messrs. Dean and Dawson, of Sheffield.