Conisborough Notes – Christmas Eve in Conisborough – Cricket Club Ball

January 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 1, 1897

Conisborough Notes

Christmas Eve in Conisborough

The old saying that Christmas comes but once a year is almost too threadbare to be used without an apology, it nevertheless reminds us how seldom these festive seasons come in our lifetime, and that we ought to make the most of them.

In order to form a better idea as to what provision had been made for the occasion, both so far as amusement for the youngsters, and satisfying of the inner man, I took my peregrinations abroad on Christmas Eve, in the worst weather I remember experiencing for a long time.

Our streets, yes, and causeways too – which are never as they should be – were in a deplorable state with mud, in some places inches thick and almost impassable.

There were very few shopkeepers that had not had sufficient enterprise to offer special attractions, but only a few of the more important ones shall be noticed, and not by name lest I should be accused of making individualist distinctions.

The first thing that took my attention was a lavish manner in which our butchers – of which we have about 18 the town – had provided for the special season. One told me that he was prepared to meet all emergencies, having killed 11 pigs, 8 sheep, 3 beasts, 1 calf, in addition to sucking pigs, poultry, etc. some of the animals being prize beasts. Our butchers shops genuinely looked very well, and also our grocers. Mr Turnbull and Messrs. Bryant and Jackson’s windows were very tastefully decorated, whilst the demand for toys, which, of course, always form the child’s Christmas world was well catered for by Mr George Harrison

Dr Gilchrist is to commence a class for females at Denaby Mane early in the New Year for instruction in “first-aid.” Also “nursing and hygiene.” I am very pleased to learn this as it cannot but be very beneficial in such a thickly populated place, and where accidents and sickness of various kind are frequently taking place.

Cricket Club Ball

On Thursday evening. January 7th, will be held the sixth annual ball of the Conisborough cricket club. This event, which is quite the ball of the season in Conisborough in variable results in a handsome balance being handed over to the club, and it bids fair this season to be as successful in former years.