Conisborough Notes – Concert – Church – Missionary Society – Church Street

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 25, 1905

Conisborough Notes – Concert – Parish Church – Missionary – Pathway.

The concert promoted by the committee of the convalescent homes scheme on Thursday week was well patronised and I hope funds will benefit.

It was a great pleasure to see Mr Godfrey Walker occupying the position of chairman Mr Walker’s interest in all concerns whose object is to alleviate suffering is well known and his presence proves the interest he takes in this extremely well-managed scheme, which I hope will continue for many years to come, its sphere of usefulness.

The services at the Paris church on Sunday were conducted by the rev. P. De Lom who came as the Yorkshire organising secretary of the Church missionary Society.

This is the Rev gentleman’s farewell visit as he has been appointed district secretary in the north-west of England. He devoted his sermon mainly on Sunday evening to Japan and had many very interesting stories to tell.

Meetings in connection with the missionary Society were held at Clifton and Conisborough on Monday. The vicar was taking service at a distance on Sunday.
So successful has been the mission services at the Wesleyan chapel that services of our revivalist character are still being held. Nightly services are held out of doors, followed by our chapel service later.

The piece of land between Elm Green Lane and Wellgate, former use as a stand for tractor engines, is being laid out in building plots.

At last the pathway in Church Street is free from obstruction caused by hoarding places round the building there.