Conisborough Notes – Conversions – Five ways – Slum clearance

March 1935

South Yorkshire Times March 15, 1935

Conisborough Notes

The whole of the 107 Privvy middens in West Street, March Street, Old Road, Silverwood view, School Terrace, and Park Road have now been converted, and 97 notices for conversion in other parts of the area have been served.

Five ways
The very dangerous crossing where 5 roads meet between Conisborough and Old Edington is to be dealt with by the County Council, who proposed to widen the road and round off the north east corner at the junction of the road from Micklebring to Clifton with the role from Ellington to Micklebring at an estimated cost of £239

Slum clearance
The Housing Committee has recommended submission of the tenders received the erection of 100 houses in connection with slum clearance to the Minister of Health, with a request for sanction to carry out the scheme by direct labour and to raise a loan of £29,300.

In all 12 tenders were received, the highest being £8221 above, and the lowest being and £357 below, the ‘direct labour’ tender, £28,397.