Conisborough Notes – Cooking and Dressmaking – Scholarships – Allotments

August 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 19, 1905

Conisborough Notes

Cooking and Dressmaking Classes

During the coming autumn  and winter classes are to be established in Conisborough and Denaby in those eminently useful subjects, cookery and dressmaking. I anticipate that all the young ladies, and not a few of the more matronly, will be greatly interested by this.

When a young man is looking round for a suitable mate, the fact that so-and-so is a good cook should have considerable weight with him, and if in addition, the young lady can make her own dresses, her claim to notice is irresistible.

I hope the classes will be well patronised.


My heartiest congratulations to Matthew G. S. Ward, son of our respected chemist and druggist, Mr. W. T. Ward, who has secured one of the scholarships offered for competition by the West Riding County Council amongst the boys and girls at the West Riding.

Miss Florrie Moore has also has been successful in a similar competition, having been awarded a bursary for two years, tenable at the Mexborough secondary school. I trust to hear of the further success of both of these young people.

Horses and Allotments

At Hatfield, on Tuesday, Mr. F. Ogley, of Hilltop, secured two first prizes in the class for horses; and Mr. Wm. Reyill was awarded two thirds at the same show.

Now that we have such a good lot of allotments, a flower and vegetable show ought to have a chance of life. There are some first-rate gardeners in Conisborough, and they show of this kind would be most useful. At one time we had a Chrysanthemum Society, but unfortunately, through lack of support it gradually dwindled away. A show of the kind I first named would appeal to a larger number of people, and would I feel sure, “take on.”

The people who are coming in larger numbers to work on the new viaduct now in course of construction, are finding very great difficulty in securing houses.

I understand that the ref. N. Ward, our local curate,in his holiday in Switzerland.