Conisborough Notes – Death of Child – Wanton Damage

May 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 5, 1906

Conisborough Notes

The sad death of a little child on the railway Conisborough Glass Works was investigated by a coroner’s jury on Monday, when a verdict of death by accident was returned. The evidence of the railway official, who stated that as often as the railway company place proper railings between their property and the road, just as often did the mysterious youth of the place destroy their work by smashing or bending the railings, is worthy of particular attention.

It is an undoubted fact that nowadays boys and youths are not properly under parental discipline in many cases. Valuable lessons are given in all our public elementary schools on the duties and privileges of citizenship, which lessons must indicate to the youth of this country proper behaviour; but unless the efforts of the teachers are supplemented by the parents, the results will not nearly be so effective as it might be.

As one walks about in Conisborough and its environs, one is struck by the amount of wanton mischievous damage done in many directions. The tops of the walls are knocked off, in places even a piece of wall is thrown down; trees are damaged by branches been wrenched off, gates are broken, and – but I have said quite enough.

A little while ago it was the genial custom for some persons to set the cricket club heavy roller off in our headlong career down the hillside. These are only a very few of the many acts of wilful annoyance which the peaceful inhabitants of the place are called upon to put up with. I hope that the effect of these few words will be that all parents under whose notice they come will take more interest in the doings of their offspring, and with the hope that there will be less need for complaint in the future, I leave the subject.