Conisborough  Notes – Easter – Spring – School Concert

April 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 13, 1888

Conisborough  Notes

As was expected on Good Friday, the number of visitors to Conisborough fell short of what it has been in previous years. The weather being so inclement, and some of the usual excursions being stopped, would perhaps account for the falling off.

Speaking of the unpropitious whether, during the day, one man said that during the last 13 years he only remembered two wet Good Fridays, and this last was one of them.

The rather fine weather on Easter Monday brought a few holidaymakers to the village. The Castle keep was not much favoured on either day by the visitors. I suppose they would have an idea that he would be still cooler aloft.

The vendor’s etc. had this year to find a fresh standing place, as the old one was denied that, been now, I am told, in the possession of Lord Conyers, and is to be added to the castle grounds. The feast was formed at the top on the Lane leading down to Burcroft, and those who frequently were well plastered with mud. Cold as was the weather, there was some brave enough to take the boats and have a row up the river.

There are a  upfew signs that spring is coming. Here and there in the cliffs are to be seen a few, very few, primroses, and in an odd sheltered nook may be found, by those curious enough to seek, sweet violets. Sufficient were gathered the other day in a wood near Cadeby, to make two buttonhole bunches.

I was glad to see such a large and appreciative audience in the new school room at Denaby on Monday evening week. The concert given by the infants was very well rendered, and took the fancy of the listeners. It is, of course, very refreshing to hear a concert of that style, one gets so used to the ordinary way. The rendering of the “Ten little n—–s,” was very much applauded, the little ones appearing in character.