Conisborough Notes – English Climate – Court of Appeal

April 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 22, 1905

Conisborough Notes

What an awfully treacherous sing the English climate is to be sure. On Saturday the weather was mild, the sun shone brightly, and it appeared that summer was close at hand.
Those who cater for the inner man was thinking what a crowd would need feeding on Good Friday, and consequently what benefit would accrue the shape of profits.

Alas! The wind swept round half a circle, and a warm and genial south-west zephyr became a raw cold and chilly north-east ice plus by Sunday morning; and as I write the prospects for the Easter holidays are far from alluring. The usual good Friday attractions – if one may be allowed the expression – beginning to arrive, and are staking out their claims, and open that the weather before Friday will change for the better.

Though the proceedings in the Court of Appeal in the Denaby Main case are, to a mere outsider, of a deadly dull character, so much is so that they are to be recommended as a specific for insomnia, AP reported that persons in court can only resist the tendency to go to sleep, still to the minor they are interesting. They recall to him the various incidents in an unpleasant experience, and he is too a very interested party, as there is a very large amount of his hard earned money at stake.