Conisborough Notes – Foresters Procession – Feast Play Day – Concertina Band

June 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 22, 1888

Foresters Procession

Denaby Main was all alive on Monday. The local branch of the Ancient Order of Foresters had their annual procession and dinner. The members were preceded by several others on horseback, dressed to represent various characters connected with Forestry; by the Conisbro’ Brass Band, and the splendid district banner.

After the parade round Conisbro’, the, procession started for Denaby, where dinner was provided at the Reresby Arms.

Full justice was done to the good things provided by Mrs. Slater, and after, the usual vote of thanks, etc., a very pleasant evening was spent.

Feast Play Day

Although Denaby Pit was announced to start on Tuesday morning very few of the workmen turned up, and this day like the other was in reality a “play day.” Wednesday morning saw a greater number at work, although a few were still keeping up the “feast.”

Music in Denaby

Denaby is coming to the front in the way of music.

Lately a concertina band has been started, and I am informed that the players are learning by “ear.” ‘Whether true or not I cannot say, but for their own sakes let us hope it is not so.

Would it not have been better to have started a brass band.

There is plenty of native talent and energy for one.

Mexboro’ Feast is just over and we are upon Conisbro’ Feast. Although dignified by this title there is really not much to be seen. One good custom prevails very largely, that is, asking friends and neighbours to supper. Very nice it is, I assure you Mr. Editor, and the friend who invited me in previous years will I hope again ask.