Conisborough Notes – Glowing Lights – Serious Accident – Church

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 11, 1905

Conisborough Notes – Glowing Lights – Serious Accident – Church

A peculiar scene may be witnessed from the Doncaster Road in the Cliffs; Nestling at the foot of the trees among the herbage are patches of glowing light, which, but for size, might be mistaken the light emitted by a glowworm.

Closer investigation of the phenomena will however settle the difficulty. Some passing fish hawker has disposed of his refuse fish by throwing them over the cliffs and the result in the dark leaves no doubt as to the phosphorescent nature of the flesh of the fishes.

The practice is not, however, one to be commended. We take our walks abroad with the idea of getting fresh air, not an “Ancient and fish like smell”

A very serious incident happened on Monday at the Denaby pit to young man named Harrison son of Mr Geo Harrison, our local newsagent who is engaged there as a joiner.

By some means he received a strong charge of electricity, it is said by coming in contact with a charged wire. So strong was the shock that he remained unconscious for the best part of the day. I am glad to hear that he is now making good progress toward recovery.

Another old Conisbrough resident this week passed away in the person of Mrs J. Smith, Doncaster Road

The Rev S. Oliver had a crowded congregation on Sunday evening and attendance at the other services has been encouraging.