Conisborough Notes – Good Friday – Smallpox – April Showers – Conservative Club

April 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 27, 1888

Notes from Conisborough

Since Good Friday I have looked at the police court records, expecting to see a case or two of getting drunk during prohibited hours. Occasionally there have been a few cases of this kind arising out of the festivities, but this year I have not heard of one. This is highly credible as the visitors were mostly due the devotees of Bacchus. At least this was the impression that many people had on Good Friday.

We have the smallpox at Conisborough at last. Two people, brother and sister, living in Doncaster Road, have contracted the disease. The woman I understand has been removed to Mexborough hospital, but the man is still lying at his home. It is said that the disease has been brought from Sheffield.

April is said to be a month of “sunshine and shower” and latterly this saying has been fulfilled. We have enjoyed some glorious sunshine, which had been diversified with showers, some gently falling and others very much the reverse. We even had a taste of thunderstorm. All Nature looks gayer and farmers and gardeners are busily engaged in putting in their seed.

Some weeks ago I was informed that there was an idea of starting a Conservative club in the village. My informant said that it was decided to make a start, and that there was promise of support from very influential quarters. Since then I have heard nothing further.