Conisborough Notes – June 13th

June 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 13 June 1930

What a great game putting is to those who know how! At Conisboro’ there is a course of nine holes, and playing my first round on Monday. I finished up eight down; the second round saw the same result; the third I was four down, and in the fourth I was one up. Before I left the green it cast me eight chocolate biscuits and a packet of “fags.” The game has caught on at Conisborough and is a sure money raiser. The green has only been open a few weeks. There is a clock putting course at Denaby, but it is not patronised as much as the green at Conisborough. Here is a suggestion that is bound to create interest between the two clubs. Why not have a series of matches? I know Conisborough would jump at the chance Three rounds could be played at Conisborough to one at Denaby.

The dance organised by the Conisborough Tennis Section, which was held in the Welfare Hall on Friday night, showed a clear balance of £5. The entertainment or Ways and Means Committee at Conisboro’ are a busy set of people who mean to wipe off the club’s debt before the end of the season.

Conisboro’s open dates in last week’s column have been filled in. Both Sprotboro’ and “Times” had the same dates open, and it is anticipated that these three clubs will oppose each other before the season ands.

Barmboro’ Main cut a sorry dash at Conisboro’ on Saturday. The home team batted first and scored 104. Tom Kelley was there again with his big score. Barmboro’ skittled out for a meagre 44. Conisboro’ owe their victory to Hanby and Jeffcote, 5 for 10 and 4 for 15 respectively.

The Denaby ” rabbits” made a stir at Mexboro’ on Saturday and, given more time, might have won

Denaby United’s balance sheet will not show a loss of £150 as it was estimated at the annual general meeting and this caused a surprise. It is hard to say what the club have lost on the season’s working, but it is less than £130.

A. Skeels, who left Denaby United three seasons ago to play with Mexboro’ and Wath, has returned to his old club. Skeels was always a favourite with the Denaby spectators, and the news will be gladly received.