Conisborough Notes – Marriage, Dances, Cricket, Football and Billiards

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1998

Conisborough Notes

Punch’s advice to those about to marry is  – “don’t.” I hear, however, that one of our Conisborough young gentleman, who is connected with the scholastic profession , is going to disregard this advice altogether, and intends to join that “noble army of benedicts,” some time about the end of January next.

As to who the unfortunate young ladies, I may tell in a few weeks time.

I am told that the Conisborough Cricket Club committee are likely to have a little unpleasantness with their professional G.Cort.

Rumour says that Cort has asked the committee to release him from fulfilling the engagement he has duly entered into.

I’m very pleased to hear that Mr George Briggs, the captain of the cricket club is knocking about again. He was seized last Tuesday week with a sudden rather serious illness, and it is good news to hear that he has shaken it off.

Our Conisborough St Peter’s Football team paid a visit to the “Queen of villages” to meet the Wath Reserves in a South Yorkshire league match, and I’m pleased to say they kept up their recent form, and a very well indeed to rest a point from Wath on their own ground.

Hi hear that another billiard. Tournament has been commenced at a Conisborough Church Institute.

The price for the winner is a valuable billiard cue, kindly given by Mr Frank Ogley.

A billiard tournament has been commenced at the Denaby Main Institute, about 30 members having joined.

The attendance at the Conisborough Cricket Club dance, which was held in the Board’s Schools on Friday last, was a little better than the previous one, but not much.