Conisborough Notes – Miners 10% Advance – Parish Council Meeting

May 1898

South Yorkshire Times May 20, 1898

Conisborough Notes

Miners 10% Advance

I see by the report of the meeting of the Miners Federation, Mr Pickard stated that an application had been made to the Coal owners for an advance of 10% in the wages of the coal miners. This has not been put as a demand yet.

I do hope that  wise counsel will prevail, that we shall be spared all the misery and privation which a strike causes.

I believe the miners intend to have the 10% back, which they lost a year or two ago. The men in this district seem determined in this matter.

Parish Council Meeting

I see by the report of the meeting of the Conisborough Parish Council that poor Mr Butcher caught it very hot indeed. Mr D Roberts was very bitter in his remarks, indeed all that spoke harped on the same string, and made it, I should think, exceedingly uncomfortable for poor Mr Butcher. I don’t know what will be the outcome of this, but I do know that if I had had the same remarks made about me, they would soon be a resignation placed in the clerk’s hands.

Poor Mr Mosby too was silently sat on. How cruel to be treated thus by your friends!

A question very much asked in Conisborough at present is, “Is Mr Mosby in favour of the Conisborough or the Denaby scheme?