Conisborough Notes – Musical Society – Convalescent Homes – Cricket Ball

December 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 16, 1905

Conisborough Notes

Conisborough Musical Society

The first concert of the season given by the Conisborough Musical Society on Thursday week, did not receive that measure of support from the public widgets merits as a musical effort entitled it to receive, and any person looking round the array of empty benches would speedily arrived at the conclusion that the society must have lost financially in its efforts to make popular really good music.

This must be somewhat disappointing to those who are responsible for the concert. But it is sincerely to be hoped that this natural disappointment will not discourage them in anyway. The musical Society is an influence for good, it’s tendency is to elevate all who come within its sphere of operations, and we in Conisborough are by no means to plentifully supplied with organisations of this kind that we can afford to discourage by seeming neglect such an admirable institution as our musical Society.

Conisborough Convalescent Homes scheme

The Conisborough Convalescent Homes scheme is still pursuing its career of usefulness. I understand the past season has been an unusual heavy one, and the call on the resources of the society has been greater than usual. This fact shows the need for such a society in a town like our own, where the great majority of the inhabitants are of the working class.

The annual concert in aid of the funds has been fixed for Thursday, February 8, and it is hoped that the public will keep the date in mind.

Annual Cricket Ball

The annual cricket ball, which is perhaps the most notable social function of the year, will be held on Thursday January. Fourth, in the old board schools. There is a capital committee with Mr W. W. Norwood as the hon sec. The M. C.’s will be, Mr J. Appleyard and Mr H. H. Wray.