Conisborough Notes – New Club Bowling Green – Water Cart – Prices of Commodities

June 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 04 June 1921

Club Bowling Green

The members of the newly-formed club which has its home in the premises opposite Kilner’s Bridge are busy making a bowling green. As many of them are “playing” owing to the coal dispute they are doing the spade work among them.

When I saw them at work they appeared to be in grim earnest.

Water Cart

Much appreciation was felt and expressed at the appearance on Tuesday of the water cart in the main streets of the village. I am told that it intended to tar-spry the streets as soon as the new machine which has been ordered is delivered.

This of itself will do away with a good part of the dust nuisance, and in addition it has been found that the necessity for repairs is not so frequent where tar spraying is practised.


There is a good deal of explanation required before one can get a grip of the present prices of commodities On Saturday I could buy gooseberries of excellent quality at 4d. per lb. I saw quantities offered for sale retail at this prier; on the other hand. I saw them of 8d per lb. Bacon of the home-fed variety is 2/6 a lb., but the breeders of pigs can only get 12s. a stone for their produce.

Surely, at this price for the raw material of bacon the article should be cheaper.

Then there is the great milk mystery. Some places are to have milk supplied at 5d per quart, in others it runs to 9d. When prices went up they seemed to go up all over alike, but when prices are coming down the case is altered.