Conisborough Notes – Preacher’s Accident – Street Names – Fire Brigade’s First Fire

November 1896

Mexborough Swinton Times November 20, 1896

Conisborough Notes

Preacher’s Accident

I regret to hear that the Rev A Stoves was thrown from his trap on Sunday afternoon last, when returning from a preaching appointment at Braithwell.

It appears that his young son was driving at the time, and being inexperienced allow the horse and vehicle to come in collision with a wall, when turning a sharp corner, and was overturned.

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, and although Mr Stoves was badly shaken he was able to fulfil his appointment at Conisborough in the evening.

Mr Stoves is doing good work, and the members are rallying to help. There are signs of a grand moves in the right direction. There were very good congregations at both morning and evening services last Sunday.

Street Names

I hear some strong complaints about the names given to some of the streets by our Parish Council. What has been known for many years as a continuation of the High Street is to be called Westgate, and some of the businessmen living in this particular street have large quantities of stationary etc, with High Street on. This in itself, is probably not a serious complaint, but what I and others cannot understand is why it should be changed at all, as High street is certainly quite a suitable and pleasing a name as Westgate. Perhaps it is not too late to have this remedied.

Fire Brigade’s First Fire

Our local fire brigade were called out on Friday morning last to attend the first fire since the purchase of a new fire engine by our Parish Council. News of the outbreak was delivered at Capt Jones’s house, about 12:55 am, and within 20 minutes he had all his men and the engine at the bottom of Hill ready to proceed to the scene of the outbreak, which was that Mr D Bentley’s farm, Michelbring.

They arrived at the fire at 1.45, and found that three stacks were so far enveloped in flames as to be absolutely beyond hope of saving them. Capt Jones therefore wisely determined to prevent the flames from spreading to the surrounding buildings, some of which were filled with straw, and in this they were successful. The brigade remained at their posts until 12 o’clock noon on Friday, and Mr Bentley expressed himself highly satisfied with the services of the brigade.

Captain Jones decided not to have the fire bell rung, as this will simply have caused much uneasiness without being of the lease service. The captain speaks well of the manner in which his men fell to their work – like old and experience hands.

Part of his brigade attended Rotherham Parish Church on Sunday last.

Conisborough Cricket Club intend to have a grand ball on Thursday, January 7, 1897. Like previous efforts of this kind the committee intend the effort to be as usual complete in every respect. No expenses to be spared to make the dancer surpass past record, if at all possible.