Conisborough Notes – Pubs & Clubs

September 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 04 September 1931

Conisborough Notes.

Pubs & Clubs

A good deal of resentment was expressed in Conisborough on Sunday when it was learned that there would be no concerts on Sundays in the public houses. Even those who deplore using Sunday in such fashion could not help feeling that there was an unwarranted interference with the liberty of the subject. The statement that the police would prosecute infringers of the order was a long way from the truth, for they have not the power to do so. Their duty is to report the facts to the magistrates at Brewster Sessions.

But the point which strikes one most forcibly is that the authorities, by this action, drive customers out of the “pubs” and put them in clubs, where concerts can be held on Sundays and where there is practically no police supervision. We wonder if the next attempt will be to stop club contorts on the ground of the impossibility of supervision by the police: Sooner or later the “worm,” as magistrates must consider the working man, will turn and ask for a complete revision of licensing laws, and the abolition of magisterial benches and substitution of stipendiaries. We frequently hear adverse criticism of the present petty sessional courts, both in the constitution of their benches, and their decisions.

On ‘Saturday 15 motor coaches took children and some parents to Cleethorpes for the Mona W.M.C’s. annual outing. An enjoyable day was spent in fine weather. On Monday there was a big trip from the Denaby British Legion Club of well over 1000 adults and children to Cleethorpes, by special train. Again the weather was on its best behaviour.