Conisborough Notes – Saturday’s Storm – State of Footpaths

October 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 26, 1907

Conisborough Notes.

The storm on Saturday afternoon was of a very severe character, the lightning being exceedingly vivid.

During the height of the atmospheric disturbance a chimney stack in the house of Mrs. Baker, of Conisborough common, was struck by the lightning. The electric fluid appears to have passed down the masonry of the chimney, for two fireplaces, on one on the upper, and one beneath it on the ground floor, were found to be damaged. No one was hurt, fortunately, though, of course, there was considerably alarm. The house is isolated and in a fairly exposed situation.

Conisborough people are fairly long-suffering of here now their voices will be raised in loud protests again the state of some of the roads. Elm Green Lane, from the style leading over Northcliffe to the place where it joined Station Road, is simply in a vile state. It is understood, however, that this portion is shortly to receive attention.

Another exceedingly bad place may be found at the lower end of March Street, where that street leads on the Beech Hill. This has been bad all summer, and is still very loose. There are other places one might mention which the amount of money you contribute a highway rate would justify us in expecting to see improved.