Conisborough Notes – Urban District Appeal – Pitiless Rain – Indian Famine

August 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 10 August 1900

Conisborough Notes.

I hear it has been definitely decided that an appeal will be made to the Local Government Board against the decision of the County Council to form Conisbro’ and parts of Denaby and Cadeby into an urban district. At the meeting of the Doncaster Rural District Council, held on Tuesday last, I see Mr. Chambers stated that Denaby Main intended lodging an appeal to the Local Government Board, and it was also decided that the District Council should also oppose the County Councils decision.

Query! What shall we get an urban district!

A question I often hear asked in Conisboro is “I wonder what the Doncaster authorities we doing with respect to a water supply for Conisboro ” Surely it is about time a move was made. Are we to be kept waiting until this urban district question was settled!

The pitiless rain which fell nearly all day on Bank Holiday completely spoiled the holiday. Nothing presents a more pitiable sight than a day tripper on a rainy day. A party of ladies and gentlemen started from the Red Lion and drove to Gringley-on-the -hill. What would have been a delightful day’s outing was spoiled by the awful wet weather. When the party arrived home I should imagine some of them were drenched. One gentleman suggested that “Gringley on the hill,” should be altered to “Gringley-in-the-wet.” That’s where we went, said he!

A meeting in connection with the “Conisbro’ Township Indian Famine Fund” will be held in the Church schoolroom, Conisbro’, on Friday evening, August 17th. In support of this Fund, I hear that the underground workmen employed at the Cadeby Colliery have decided to have a collection made of sixpence per man, this collection to be stopped off their wages. The Cadeby serviceman, I understand do not fall in with this and they have agreed to have a voluntary collection, which will be made at an early date.

Tomorrow (Saturday) the work people employed at the Cadeby Colliery have their annual excursion. The place to be visited is Liverpool, and I see by the bills that the train leaves Conisbro’ station at 4-45 in the morning, and starts back from Liverpool at 10-45 at night, so that those who take advantage of this excursion will certainly have a “day’s” trip.

What ho! Newmarket, the metropolis of the turf is to be visited this time by the Alma Inn trippers. The evergreen landlord of the above Inn and an efficient staff of officers, have organised a day trip to Newmarket. Two saloons (Great Central) have already been engaged, to convey 70 of his patrons; they will be well stocked with the good things of the season. The 10th day of October is the date fixed for the outing. An early start from Conisborough has been arranged in order to give the visitors ample time to look around, assisted by a guide, not to forget calling at the Wellington Inn, which is to be the Spine Cop meeting place. The day being the anniversary of the Cesarewitch stakes a very enjoyable outing is anticipated.