Conisborough Notes – Marrying for ‘Company’ – Fielding Improved – St. Peter’s Guild – Fair

June 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 29, 1928

The wedding took place at the Doncaster  Registrar Office on Monday of Mr. Joseph Brown, aged 76, and Mrs Elizabeth Gledhall, aged 72, both of Conisborough.

Mr.Brown has been Married once before, and Mrs. Gledall twice. They have lived in Conisborough for 23 years.Two years go Mr. Brown fell ill and was nursed by Mrs. Gledhall.

“We are marrying for the company,” Mr. Brown told a reporter. Mr. Brown has a pension and small income, and the cottage at Conisborough in which they live was left to Mrs. Gledhall by a former husband.

A fortnight ago I commented on a slackness in the fielding of Denaby’s Yorkshire Council team and it was pleasing on Saturday to see four good catches snapped up. Shoosmith had two to his credit and Tibbles one. The other Greenwood held off his own bowling. Saturday’s was a meritorious victory, but it most peculiar to observe two teams without a “middle.”.” The heads and the tails got the runs.

The St. Peter’s Girls’ Guild will remember this year’s, outing, which was held last Thursday, Bolton Abbey being the venue; for they had a copious supply of rain to mar what is usually an enjoyable outing. Half a dozen of the young ladies went exploring and “found themselves lost” so far away that they returned to the main party by means of a wagonette, to be greeted hilariously.

It isthe eve of another “Feast,”‘ but the days of the “fun of the fair” are over, and nowadays we receive scant recognition from roundabout proprietors, who appear to concentrate on Good Friday.

True, there is some semblance of a fair, anti it it adequate for present day required.

The big event of the ‘Feast” is “Hospital Sunday,” and the usual arrangements hate been made for the procession on Sunday when it is hopes that an additional interesting feature will be decorated drays.

The service will, as usual, be in the Welfare Ground in Old Road and in the evening the Conisborough Brass Band will play,